Mason’s Pharmacy Greymouth

Mason's Pharmacy Greymouth

Mason’s Pharmacy is conveniently located in the heart of Greymouth, central to the scenic West Coast.

Opening Hours

8.30am–5.30pm, Monday to Friday.
Saturday Roster applies: We open alternate Saturdays. Please enquire as we do not open every Saturday. Opening hours 10am–12.30pm only. If closed, please contact Unichem Olsens Pharmacy Ltd 03 768 4075.

Weekend callout: Phone number for on-call pharmacist listed each week in Grey Star Friday edition, or listen to Masons Pharmacy answerphone on 768 7470 for weekend duty doctor and duty pharmacy information.
A callout fee may apply to open pharmacy. Afterhours contact phone Lindy Mason on 7311 857.

Over-The-Counter Professional Advice

Our pharmacists take care to keep up with developing areas of expertise. No appointment is required , but there may be a consultation fee, depending upon the outcome of initial assessment. You are welcome to discuss, in complete privacy, any of the following topics:

Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Unprotected sexual intercourse can cause a lot of worry.  Talk about using the Morning-After-Pill with a pharmacist who can take the stress out of the situation. (Must be taken no later than 72 hours after the event). Otherwise, see Masons Pharmacy or your doctor anyway as soon as possible, as there may be other options available.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Some eye infections can be treated by a pharmacist with specific training at Masons Pharmacy. Conditions apply.

Urinary Tract Infections- simple antibiotic treatment

Simple urinary/bladder infections can be treated by a pharmacist with specific training at Masons Pharmacy. Conditions apply.

Erectile Dysfunction

A common and concerning condition, you can discuss medicinal treatment with a pharmacist in complete privacy at Masons Pharmacy. Phone first or just drop in, mention Sildenafil or your reason for calling and a pharmacist will take you to a private consulting room to talk about your options.  No obligation:  we will either prescribe for you or refer you to your doctor, whichever is best for you.

Vaginal Thrush and other Fungal Infections

Simple but annoying symptoms can be clarified and a possible diagnosis reached before treating or referring to GP if necessary.

Blood Pressure Checks

Drop-in service. Note: This service does not replace the advice of your doctor.

Weight Loss advice and support

Our clinical scales are freely accessible to anyone, anytime.  Obtain advice on dietary changes, how they could affect your medical conditions, and meal replacements for a low-calorie kickstart to reaching  your weight-loss goals.

Travel Sickness

Products that are not freely available in-store may be appropriate for you. Talk to staff or pharmacist.

Migraines and Pain

Products that are not freely available in-store may be appropriate for you. Talk to staff or pharmacist.

Oral treatment for ColdSores (Herpes Simplex)

Creams can only do so much- find out about oral tablet to treat early stages of cold sores.

Smoking Cessation Supplies and Support

Your options for quitting include calling in at our pharmacy to discuss, obtain supplies at subsidised rates, and followup with your pharmacist as frequently as you need, for 3 or more months.  PHO programme funding.

Prescription-Related Services

Emergency Supply of Regular Medications

Run out but can’t see doctor till Friday? Arrived here on holiday and forgotten to bring medication? We can help you decide how to manage this situation and provide a 3-day emergency supply, if that is the best option for you. Don’t just skip a few days, contact Masons Pharmacy.

Pandemic Supplies

We recommend all people on essential medication keep a small backup supply at home for emergencies. Talk to Masons Pharmacy to make a plan- Get Ready-Get Thru.

Med Info

Prescription advice at Masons Pharmacy can include a printed leaflet of information, side effects, uses, precautions called MedInfo. This is funded by Masons Pharmacy to enhance your understanding of your medication.

Core Dispensing Services

Dispensing services are managed in a safe, efficient, and effective manner, which complies with legislation. But this is not a No-Frills service. At  Masons Pharmacy  we pride ourselves on giving the best care with even the smallest service.

Long Term Conditions (LTC) care

The next level of dispensing services, LTC takes a holistic view of your care and provides additional services that enhance your medication management. From Medico blister-packing to reminder calls and Yellow Card medicine lists, your LTC pharmacists team up with you and your prescriber to achieve treatment goals, not just dispense medicines. DHB funded programme.

Medico Blister Packing

Often part of our LTC service above, blister packing can also be a useful tool to organise medicines whilst travelling or as a short term aid when carers are away. Additional charges may apply.

Medicine Use Review

This free service takes you through a process of identifying ways to get the best benefit from your medication. One-on-one,  either at pharmacy in privacy or at your home, your pharmacist is dedicated to you, your health and obtaining the best effect from your medication. DHB funded programme.

Clozapine Monitoring

DHB funded programme.

Diabetes Monitoring equipment

Getting an error message? Ask a pharmacist for help. Need a new meter? They cost much less than you think, and are always in stock. Also advice on travelling with insulin, recording results.

Needle Exchange Service

Safe injecting practices benefit everyone. Returns to our sharps bin, purchase new gear, or swap 1-4-1

Return Unused Medication for Safe Destruction

Keep your home safe and uncluttered by removing old medicines regularly. Plastic shopping bag is ideal, just hand them in, no charge.

Lifestyle Aids for People with Disabilities

With a wide range of suppliers and sources of information, we can help you live independently with a disability.

Extra subsidy for Probation Prescriptions

PHO programme funding to optimise access to services while returning to the community.

Extra subsidy for Under-22 year olds obtaining Contraceptives

PHO programme funding to enable responsible young people to access contraceptives in a discrete, non-judging environment with minimal cost.

SelfCare Cards

Available free to you in store, to enhance your understanding of your conditions and possible options for treatment. When to be concerned, what to try first  and when to see your doctor. This is pharmacy advice you can take home, provided by Masons Pharmacy.

Retail Services


We have trained consultants on our staff ready to offer their experience and knowledge of Elizabeth Arden, L’Oreal, Evolu, Australis and other cosmetic ranges. Learn about latest products, makeup tips, or book a makeover and enjoy being pampered to perfection.


For a wide range of options and advice that you can only get at your pharmacy, phone or call in. We’re here for you.


Masons Pharmacy staff are ideally placed to help you navigate the huge range of information and misinformation in the area of natural medicines. Staff can advise on interactions with prescription medicines and recommend research-based supplements to meet your needs.


For a fresh and constantly changing range of Baby clothing and accessories, browse a while at Masons Pharmacy.


From newborn baby to wedding or birthday, Masons Pharmacy is always worth a visit. If youre not sure which of our prestige fragrances they would like, then let our staff make up a colourful, elegant gift-box of gourmet foods or homewares. That special something can be gift wrapped and even delivered for you. (Free delivery if over $100, some conditions apply)

Online shopping

We encourage you to shop by phone. Our staff will describe or recommend items to meet your needs. Delivery of purchases over $100 is free of charge (within greater West Coast, please check if further afield). Payment by credit card-over-the-phone or online banking  preferred.